Not a Jock? You should still play sports!

High five!Even though oodles of attention is given to college athletes, that time is fleeting and total number of high-level athletes are very small.  However, high-school and college are great times to find sports you love, even if you aren’t a superstar athlete. Your college years can be enhanced through sports and in once you graduate, sports are way to level the playing field, or to even jump ahead in business.

Softball, basketball, touch football, tennis, rowing, golf – when you arrive at college, you’ll find a veritable cornucopia of rec sports to particulate in.  You can’t find a better way to meet fellow students and be part of a fun, collegial group.  And once you graduate, you’ll find it’s rare in today’s corporate culture to find a company that doesn’t participate in community sports leagues.  It’s good for
moral and a fantastic way to meet other people in your work company – even that senior vice president that you’ve been hoping to work for or the mailroom clerk who has fantastic ideas that you might not have heard.

So, you’re not a scratch golfer. In a captain’s choice golf tournament, if you know the rules and are a good chipper and putter, you could be the star of your team.  Can’t run down line drives like Iciro? No worries, your team will love your spirit and hustle.

College is a fantastic time to learn new sports, meet new people, and be part of a team that gets you out of the dorm for some good, healthy physical activity. Then when you land your first job, your boss will be pleased that you’ll be part of the corporate team heading out for a paintball or half-court challenge.

Totally not into sports? Even team needs a manager, cheerleader, and organizer.  You don’t have to know how to shoot 3-pointers to be an integral part of the group.

SoftballSo when you are in high-school or college, get out there and have fun!  Get dirty. Swing a bat. Throw a ball. Hit a drive. Be there with water and snacks for the team. Sports can be your entre into a great new world.


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