Your Travel Bill of Rights: The Video

Your Travel Bill of Rights - Don't leave home without it!

Travel Tips: Know the Travel Bill of Rights

You know, you really do have travel choices when it comes to not only choosing your hotel but where you stay within the hotel.

Check our video “Travel Bill of Rights” for timely travel tips before your next college visit!

Travel safe and travel smart with Smart College Visit! Know your rights so you can be well-rested and refreshed before touring campus!

First on the SCV blog, now on video.
Your Travel Bill of Rights!

If you prefer reading to watching, you can find this information in list form in the Travel Bill of Rights post.

Get directions, restaurants, and a list of hotels closest to the campus you’ll be visiting — We’ll figure out the distances, so you can concentrate on making the trip fun.

Just go to Explore Colleges (or click the button below) and search for the name of the college you want to visit.

Find a hotel near campus

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How many colleges should you plan to visit? Well, it depends.

Looking for even more information on college visits? Try our Travel Tips page, and then take a look at our College Visits section.

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