Making the most of your Mobo Brain

Mobo BrainSmartphones are great, right? We can talk and text, post status updates and check-ins, play games, get directions, book hotel rooms, and get updates on weather, news and traffic. We live in a connected world, but how many of us have taken the time to connect everything we need access to online?

He literally provides a road map on how to connect the dots between the ideas, data, and devices we use every day. “The key is to turn a mobile device into a second brain,” says Johnson. “Instead of having just one device and putting notes on one device, you really need to hook them all together using cloud storage.” Cloud storage provides space to store photos, documents, videos, and other files via the Internet.

Connect mobile, home, work

Providers such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Dropbox, Apple, Adobe and others all offer a limited amount of cloud storage free of charge. Not only will you be able to save your files on the Cloud, you’ll also have a local copy saved on your device(s). Connect each device to the Cloud and you’ll never have to say: “I left that file on my home computer.”

Forget the spiral notebooks

Instead, Johnson recommends apps to help you collect and manage your data as well as draw, take notes, and snip links and passages. By organizing what you know in the Cloud, you’ll end up creating a mobile brain of sorts.

The goal, according to Johnson, is to enhance how a person learns and also keep a person on track. “Learning involves a lot of reading and studying. And mobile technology can actually be used to take notes and store them very efficiently.”

From choosing a stylus to selecting the best apps for the job, Johnson’s book provides a comparison of some of the most popular apps currently available. One of his key recommendations is to download the free version of an app and test it out before buying.

For college-bound teens, and their parents, adopting a “Mobo Brain” philosophy might be the key to a successful, and well-planned, college search process.  With all of the paperwork and things to remember, you’ll be glad you have everything connected and stored for easy access.

In his book, Mobo Brain: A Guide to Mobile Brainpower: Turning your phone, iPad or tablet into a second brain*, author Jenz Johnson
shows us how to do just that.

Jenz Johnson is also the editor of “Going MOBO” an online and print magazine devoted to the new mobile lifestyle. Companion site You can follow him on Twitter @goingmobo.

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