Scholarship Mom Tip #22: Double and Triple Check Names

What’s in a scholarship name?

Details like the scholarship name matter when it comes to scholarship applications. Scholarship Mom Monica Matthews, recommends double and triple checking the spelling and name of the scholarship referenced in the application and in letters of recommendation.



Always double and then triple check the name of the scholarship organization in your essays and letters of recommendation.

Scholarship judges have been known to throw out applications with another organization’s name on them.

Check for correct spelling in each place the name is written, carefully making sure proper capitalization is also used.

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It may seem like a little detail, but to organizations offering thousands of scholarship dollars, why would they award their money to someone who refers to them as a completely different company?

Monica Matthews, Scholarship MomMonica Matthews is our favorite scholarship mom! After helping her son win $100,000 in scholarships for his college education, she founded to share what she learned along the way and now she’s sharing her tips with SmartCollegeVisit!


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