Scholarship Mom Tip #20: Share Your Story



Grad_magnifyWhat’s Your Story? Share It!


On many scholarship applications there is a place to explain “extenuating
circumstances” or share “anything else you’d like us to know about you.”  

Always take the time to fill out these

This is one more chance for the
judges to get to know you and understand why the scholarship money is so
important to you.  Tell the truth and
resist the urge to write a sob story. 

you are trying to win college scholarship money, there has to be a real reason
why you cannot afford to pay for college on your own.  Share it!

Monica Matthews, Scholarship MomMonica Matthews is our favorite scholarship mom! After helping her son win $100,000 in scholarships for his college education, she founded to share what she learned along the way and now she’s sharing her tips with SmartCollegeVisit!


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