Scholarship Mom Tip #19: Keep Copies

Scholarship Mom Monica Matthews shares this quick tip to keep copies of your scholarship application materials before you submit. 



Keep copies!

Keep copies of everything you'll submit for the scholarship application.After all of your hard work filling out a scholarship application and writing the essay, be sure to make and keep copies of each page.

When you keep copies of your scholarship materials, you are doing yourself a favor. Doing so will help you in several ways.

  1. You can use this information for other scholarships.
  2. If the application gets lost in the mail, it will be easy to reproduce.
  3. It will help you if you are called by the scholarship provider with questions about your application or essay. You’ll be able to whip out your copies and refresh your memory with exactly what you shared with them.

The extra minute it takes to make copies can be worth thousands of scholarship dollars!

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