Dorm Room Spring Cleaning

Fotolia_28008887_XSThe school year is half way over. You
are half way done, half way to summer break. Spring cleaning and a change up in
your dorm room will keep you organized and feeling great about your
surroundings for another few months on campus. It’s time to start warming up
your room and preparing for the spring weather. Organize your things, put the
winter clothes away and break out the spring wardrobe. Make some décor changes
in your dorm room, too.

Spring is synonymous with change and
renewal; maybe that is where the idea of spring cleaning came from. For a dorm
room, sometimes a good cleaning is not enough. A change in atmosphere goes a
long way and since dorm rooms are small, it doesn’t take a lot of effort or expense
to make some big changes. Here are some simple and inexpensive dorm room
makeover ideas:

The Switcheroo:
Sometimes even the smallest changes make a difference to the mood of the room
and your feeling while in it. Switch the room around, move the beds to adjacent
or opposite walls, change the location of the desks and move the wall décor.
This is almost a cheat, but it still changes the room up with no cost, and not
even a lot of time or effort.  Another
“switcheroo” idea is to have reversible décor in your dorm room, making it
super easy to flip pictures around and turn the bedding inside out for one of
the easiest, but still dramatic changes possible.

Window Treatments:
Change the window treatments; add some floral drapes or a bright pattern to
represent spring. Make sure that whatever you have on the windows that it can
be easily opened to let the sunshine in.

New Bedding: Your
bed is likely the largest piece of furniture in your dorm room, so changing the dorm room bedding can make a big difference in the look
of the room. Bright, spring colors will make the room match the season. Adding
some accent pillows will not only be comfy for sleeping, but can tie in some
other color accents around the room.

Change the Lighting:
Different lighting fixtures offer not only a new design aspect but a change in
the lighting also can change the mood of the room. One of the main goals of a
room design change is to change the mood and coloring in the room and that can
be easily achieved with a change in lighting fixtures and the types of bulbs

Organize the Clutter:
Half-over also means you have been in your dorm room for half the school year.
Two semesters worth of clutter has piled up. Tackling the messiness and
organizing your things will give you such a feeling of accomplishment and
relief when things are where you can find them, but do not necessarily have to
see them. Closet organizers are one way to save space and have everything set
up in a way you can access everything you need.

Once you choose a change and implement it, you will see how
far a little change can go towards making your dorm room feel different and new
again. Half way through the school year and spring cleaning are great reasons
to make a change, get organized and change some of the design or décor aspects
of the dorm room.

Bio: Amanda Greene is author and brand manager for RHL, leading online supplier of dorm stuff. She
enjoys writing about college and dorm life.



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