Brrrrr! Safe and Warm Travel Checklist for Winter Campus Tours

Packing for a winter campus visit road trip?

Visiting a college during a snowy winter break can be a beautiful experience. It’s the getting there and back safely that can be problematic!

It goes without saying that it’s important to know the weather forecast before you set out on the road to visit college, but you should also prep your car, update your mobile apps, and pack a smile or two. Travel safe, plan ahead and anticipate the unexpected.

Your car

Having a shovel on hand just makes sense. Keep one in your trunk, along with a bag of non-clumping kitty litter. It’s a handy way to create more traction when you may not have any under your tires.

Also keep a warm blanket and a power cord for your electronics. You need a way to call for help!

For more tips on prepping for winter road trips, see:

Your Apps

It’s a safe bet there’s a helpful transportation app no matter where you’re traveling. Search for transportation apps before you leave (Waze is a great one!)

Many states, including Virginia and Iowa have “511” apps that provide traffic updates and other critical information. Search apps stores (iTunes and Google Play) for the 511 app for the area where you’ll be traveling.

Even better, follow the department of transportation on Twitter (but not while you’re driving!)

As always, make sure you have the phone number and website address for all the schools. Make sure campus visit programs haven’t been cancelled or rescheduled if there’s been bad weather. Twitter can be great for this information!

Your attitude

It’s easy to get frustrated when things don’t go as planned. Pack a smile and a lot of patience.

Here’s one parent’s perspective on a winter campus visit to Syracuse University: Making the most of Climate Change on College Tours.



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