Smart Phone & Web Apps for Organizing

Get it done iphoneSo much to do, so little time – we all feel that way, right? And, if you're entrenched in college-search, then there's the added task of keeping track of additional important information (read: test dates, college visits, and application deadlines).  The good news is that there's a variety of smart phone and web apps to help you focus and keep track of everything. We compiled the list below from a recent #CampusChat on organizing high school students during the college admissions process: 

Do it Tomorrow 
iPhone, Android | Free
iPad | $4.99 

Focus Booster App (requires Adobe Air)
Web | Free

Dropkick - a "to do" list app
iPhone | $1.99  
iPad | $2.99 
Mac | $4.99

SKOACH – task manager and scheduling tool
Web | 1-month $15 | 3-months $36 every 3 months | 6-month $54 every 6 months

Jorte app  - calendar app
Android | Free

Evernote – an easy way to remeber everything
iPhone | Android | Windows Phone | Blackberry | Web OS | Free for all listed
Web | Free 

SelfControl – a web site blocker to help you avoid distracting websites
Mac | Free 

SCV Plane with trailLeslie Josel (@orderoochaos), professional organizer and founder of Order Out of Chaos contributed to this list. Also recommended: College Application Organizing Tips for Tackling Senior Year.


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