Top 10 Tips for Living on Campus


Living on campus"The Pros and Cons of Living On/Off Campus" was the discussion topic for #CampusChat, July 18, 2012. Current and former college students shared their insights, including lessons they've learned from living on-campus.

Below are their top 10 tips. The complete transcript is also available here on SmartCollegeVisit

  1. Learn to cope: You literally can deal with anything if you have made it through college roommates.
  2. Gain sharper life skills: Those are invaluable. A freshman dorm isn't far from camp.
  3. No matter who you live with, map out boundaries early. Even the nitty gritty. Overnight guests, sharing food, sharing TV, noise. All of it.
  4. Your car may go unused for a while: Know how to jump-start a car and change a tire.
  5. Kids need to learn to live w/ others. I think there are lots of important lessons in that.
  6. Roommates can't be too similar either. Two strong personalities…. The room is only so big.
  7. Find places on campus where you can chill/relax. May not be your room.
  8. Get Involved! – I would not be as involved as I am on campus if I did not live there.
  9. Understand that people live differently than you. Be open and RESPECTFUL of other lifestyles.
  10. You learn a ton about yourself and others from roommates.


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