Takeaway Tweets & Transcript: The College Scam #CampusChat

TweetyLast night's lively chat with Bruce Sallan tackled the topic of the myth that college is right for everyone with plenty of jabs about majors/careers and paying for college.  From thoughts on taking a gap year-to-learning a trade-to-entrepreneurship-to-attending college, repeatedly, the advice was to choose wisely.

And, then there were some truths we don't always want to talk about when it comes to kids and college:


Agree? Disagree? Read the transcript on Smart College Visit's Archive at: The College Scam: #CampusChat TranscriptComment and tell us: What was your favorite tweet? 

Our friends at Hashtracking report that 36 participants generated 389 tweets, delivering 3.5 million impressions reaching 111,000 Twitter users.  Click here to see the complete report.

Join us next Wednesday for another exciting hour of #CampusChat:
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