Reasons to Visit Campus


Why should I read the book when I can watch the movie? 

Fotolia_31245110_XSWe've all heard that question before and we all know the answer: because the experience is not the same and the movie version does not tell the whole story. 

The same answer applies to "Why should I visit campus when I can watch YouTube videos or take a virtual tour?"

The 3-6 minute movie version is not going to tell the same story as the one you experience first-hand when you tour a college campus. 

Here are a few more reasons to visit campus in person:

  • To discover what you like.
  • To discover what you don't like.
  • To meet your admissions counselor.
  • To talk with students attending the college.
  • To meet and talk with faculty.
  • To check out the space: dorm rooms, classrooms, labs, athletic, music and theatre facilities.
  • To get questions answered or to connect with someone who can answer your questions. 
  • And, of course, to see the campus through your own eyes not through the eyes of the person who made the movie. 

Make a movie about your campus visit experience if you want (this could be a great way to capture how you felt and what you liked while visiting), but don't let your research into which college to attend be limited to a movie someone else made. See for yourself. Visit campus.

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