5 Tips for Saving Money in College

piggy bank1. Work – Get a job on campus. This will make the logistics of getting to work on time easier since you’re already on campus.

2. Don’t Bring Your Car – Unless you are living off-campus, don’t have access to safe, public transportation, and must commute, leave your car at home freshman year. You’ll save hundreds of dollars on parking fees and you won’t be tempted to go out by car every time you think need something — which means you’ll also save money on gas.

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3. Rent Textbooks or Buy Them Used – It’s easy to tally up the savings when it comes to books. Do some comparison shopping among the top vendors — the campus bookstore, Chegg, BookRenter, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. Then also check out local thrift stores and Craigslist. You’ll be amazed by how much you can save on books alone!

4.  Don’t Eat Out – <often> – Dollars spent eating out can add up fast. Whether you’ve purchased a meal plan or can pack your breakfast or lunch and bring it with you to campus, you’ll find that skipping the extra purchase of a latte and bagel each day will result in more cash in your pocket. Then, when the weekend comes, you’ll be able to afford dining off-campus.

5. Live on a Budget – It’s not that hard, especially when you’re in college. Determine how much you can afford to spend each week, keep tabs on how you’re doing and make adjustments accordingly.

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