Top 10 Most Read on Smart College Visit – March 15-April 14

In the past 30 days (March 15 – April 14, 2012) colleges campuses nationwide have been bombarded with high school students arriving to visit campus. High school juniors spent spring break touring colleges while seniors offered admission participated in admitted student programs with the hope of making that final decision about where to attend college.

It's not surprising then that the most read content on Smart College Visit addresses what's been at the top of mind by the college-bound. From parents needing support (and travel info) to the junior starting to sort things out about their future, to the admissions interview, our writers have kept you informed.  Here's what our readers found useful during this period: 

  1. Student-to-Student: Questions to ask on a College Visit
  2. Virginia Public Colleges & Universities
  3. College Mom Minute
  4. Smart College Visit Travel Tips 
  5. College Planning with Suddenly Frugal Mom Leah Ingram
  6. Dos and Don'ts on a College Visit
  7. Top 10 Questions for the Undecided Major
  8. Top 10 Tips for Dressing Smart for your College Admissions Interview
  9. About Smart College Visit
  10. The Top 10 Questions to ask about Study Abroad Programs

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