Have Fun and Beat the Freshman 15

Emily Pickelhaupt

beat the freshman 15, softballWhen students cross over that ever so exciting threshold from high school to college, many have the same concern… HOW AM I GOING TO AVOID THE FRESHMAN 15!?

Trust me, this was definitely on my mind as well. Between the amazing dining halls and nights out, it seems inevitable. But, here’s the thing most students don’t think about: all of the activities that exist to counter this seemingly inevitable curse.

Personally, I am not much of a fitness nut, but I managed to avoid the weight gain by getting involved in a bunch of fun things.

Among my favorite of physical activities are the multitude of intramural sports that Virginia Tech offers.  At the beginning of each semester I get a few friends together and we sign up for different intramural sports. The best part is you DO NOT (let me emphasize that more!) need to have a knowledge of the sport.

I grew up riding horses and playing field hockey, but in intramural sports,  I’ve played in flag football (turns out I can catch), softball, soccer, and my personal favorite – inner tube water polo.  Intramural activities are all about fun. Sure, some people are competitive, but what it is really about is getting together, working as a team and enjoying the people around you.

Another thing that keeps me moving at Virginia Tech is the AWESOME new expansion of our gym. Essentially, two years ago the gym doubled in size and was outfitted with all of the latest fitness gear. It’s especially nice for people like me who need every distraction possible when slaving away on the treadmill. Somehow, watching “The Price Is Right” while listening to the latest Britney Spears song , all while having easy access to a water and bathroom, make it easier to go that extra mile. Plus, the gym has become a social epicenter of campus. You can’t go there without seeing at least 5 of your friends and laughing about how “beautiful” you look.

So for those of you out there worried about not being able to fit in your HS clothes after first semester, remember that there are options. College is all about balance, and as long as you make a little time each week to engage in some fun activities that simultaneously get you moving, you’ll survive and beat the rumored freshman 15.


Emily is a Smart College Visit campus rep intern representing Virginia Tech. As a college student at Virginia Tech, she shares news and insights about her life as a Hokie. Click here for more information about our Campus Rep Internship Program. You can read more from our interns in the Campus Rep Blog Series.  (Note that the opinions about college likes and dislikes are the personal opinions of the authors, not necessarily those of the editors and staff at Smart College Visit, Inc.)


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