Foursquare Check-in with Mom Made Easy

Z. Kelly Queijo

Helicopter Moms will love this (and so will the rest of us). Foursquare check in made easy with #mom

From the moment our kids leave the house, drive off in the car, get on a bus or a plane without us, we want to know that they got where ever they were going safely.

We've all waited for the phone to ring or for a text message from the ones we love and yet, for whatever reason, checking in with mom the old-fashioned way always seems to be too much of a burden on our kids. 

That problem has been solved by developers, Jeff Weinstein and Steve Pike, with the release of HashtagMom, a new service compatible with the popular location-based mobile app, Foursquare. 

Now checking with mom is as easy as typing four simple characters on their smart phone: #MOM and they can let mom know they arrived safely. 

When a user checks-in via Foursquare and adds #Mom to their status message, mom gets a call or text message stating the child has arrived.  Moms will need to register for the service–it's free–at  Kids will need to sign-up for Foursquare and after that, mom will have the much desired, peace of mind. 

Will #Mom be useful on college campuses?

Maybe. According to Zack Rosen, Admissions Counselor at the University of New Haven, #Mom is potentially a great resource for parents. "Imagine a student's first week at UNH – they may be nervous, but not nearly as much as Mom. This would allow them to check in to their first class so that Mom knows they woke up in time!"


*The University of New Haven is a client of Smart College Visit, Inc.