Travel Tuesday: Will You Fly or Drive?

Z. Kelly Queijo

Book Your Trip Smart College Visit Travel WidgetIt’s “Travel Tuesday” (a designation on Twitter for travel related tweets posted on — you guessed it — Tuesdays! Travel Tuesday Tweets carry the hashtag “#traveltuesday” or “#TT” (case does not matter).  In honor of #TT, our post today provides travel planning resources for the college-bound.

Planning Campus Visit Travel

If you’re planning college visits, then you’re likely already in the throes of making hotel reservations and wrestling with the answer to “Will I fly or will I drive?” To help you evaluate costs related to college visit travel, we’ve provided the following resources. Let us know if you find any of these useful and, please feel free to suggest other tools or tips in the Comments section.

  • Fly or Drive Calculator – I ran across Fly vs. Drive: A Website to Help You Decide on (where I also blog). It allows you to compare the costs of flying to the cost of driving. You can adjust various components to get an accurate assessment of travel costs.
  • Find a Hotel Near Campus– This takes you to our Smart College Visit hotel search site. Here, you can search by city and travel dates, get hotel reviews, book online, find pet-friendly hotels, and view nearby attractions–which is always nice when traveling with family–you can turn your campus visit into a mini-vacation! Our prices are competitive and you can search for hotels by brand name, preferences, and even ratings!

It takes a little extra time to plan college visit travel cost-effectively, but by evaluating costs before your trip, you may find ways to save so it’s affordable to bring a friend or additional family members along with out breaking the bank.

Do you have travel tips to share with other college-bound families? Please post them in the comment section or on our Facebook page.

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Will  you fly or drive to visit campus? Check out these handy travel tools: #TT

Planning college visits? Evaluate travel costs with these handy tools: #TT


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