Next on #CampusChat: CollegeXpress on Starting Your Scholarship Search

Smart College Visit To Host CollegeXpress on #CampusChat

When: Wednesday, December 7, 2011 at 9PM Eastern.

Campuschat_wedCollege admission applications are not the only things consuming college-bound teens over the holidays, many will also be immersed in scholarship search–and with thousands of scholarships available, it's a process that can daunting at the very least.

To provide tips for students and to shed light on their approach to scholarships search, Chelsea Rice, Assistant Editor/Online Specialist, and Megan Gibbs, Senior Assistant Editor/Scholarship Manager at CollegeXpress will take part in #CampusChat on Wednesday night and address the topic: “Starting Your Scholarship Search”.

CollegeXpress (@CollegeXpress) serves as a one-stop resource for college-bound students to find schools, scholarships, and expert college planning advice. The site provides scholarship and financial aid articles addressing topics from applying to college to maintaining a student budget to graduation and fellowships for master's degrees. The site includes a scholarship search with over $7 billion in scholarship listings. 

#CampusChat is open to the public for participation. Anyone with a Twitter id can join the conversation by adding “#campuschat” to their Twitter message. Follow SmartCollegeVisit @collegevisit for announcements about the chat.

To read the complete press release about this chat, please go to: Smart College Visit To Host CollegeXpress on CampusChat.

For more information about our weekly Twitter chat, please read: What is CampusChat?

Plane_bluebackCollege Visit Tour Tip: During the admissions information session, ask this: "Will my college admission essay be used in evaluating me for scholarship opportunities?" 

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