Mid-December for the College-bound

Ah, the middle of December–a busy time of year for the college-bound student!

Mid-December is a busy time for the college-bound!

Hopwood Hall, Lynchburg College

The holidays are just around the corner, winter break is about to begin and, if you’re a college-bound senior, you’re either:

A. An Early Decision Applicant waiting to hear from a college or university if you’ve been accepted for admission, or

B. A Regular Applicant scrambling to finish up your college selection  and prepare your application(s) for admission which could mean that you’re busy:

  • Working on your essay (Check our Essay Tips section)
  • Requesting letters of recommendation from teachers, employers, mentors, etc.
  • Looking for the password to your online application id
  • Proofreading and double-checking everything you’ve already entered in the online admission application form
  • In a panic because you have not done any of the above.

If you’re a high school senior and have not started filling out your admissions application for the coming fall, then it is time to get started. Many colleges and universities have application deadlines in January, so don’t wait to the last minute! You’ll be surprised how many last minute details there are when it comes to completing your app.

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If you’re a high school junior, this is a great time to start a list of colleges you may be interested in visiting next summer and looking into scholarships — you could begin applying for some now!

Parents, we have lots of great tips to help you help your teen during the college admissions process and beyond. Please take a few minutes and listen to our sanity saving audio tip series, College Mom Minute, developed by psychologist and humorist, Dr. Nancy Berk.

Good luck to all involved! And, if you have any questions, please post them in Comments or on our Facebook wall: Facebook/SmartCollegeVisit.

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