7 Smart Phone Uses for College Visits

Z. Kelly Queijo

Your smart phone…you wouldn’t leave home without it. Right?

Do employ these smart phone uses when you visit campus, but remember to silence the ringer during the tour and info session. Instead of talking or texting, try some of these features to enhance (rather than detract from) your campus visit experience:

  1. Say “Cheese!”
    Smart phone uses -- Explore UNH mobile app

    The “Explore UNH” app was developed for the University of New Haven by Smart College Visit, Inc.

    Take a photo of the entrance to campus, preferably with you in the photo! Most colleges and universities have a noteworthy gateway that includes the name of the college or university. Stop on your way in to take a picture. Later, when you’re back home, this visual reminder will come in handy as you review and evaluate all the colleges you visited. You can post to social media and tag the college, too!

  2. Don’t sweat the parking pass 
    If the college you are visiting requires a parking pass, grab your phone when you exit the car to enter the Visitor Center. Take a photo of the vehicle license plate before you entering. If the Center requires your license plate number, you won’t have to go back outside to get it. Just pull up the photo on your phone to read it off.
  3. Stay alert
    Find out which schools on your visit list have a text message or an email alert system. Sign up a day or so before you hit the road. This is one of those great smart phone uses that can come in handy if severe weather or other factors that affect school closings occur. You can always unsubscribe once you’re back home.
  4. Check-in 
    Location check-in services such as Gowalla or Foursquare aren’t just fun ways to let folks know where you are, at some schools a check-in may result a reward either virtual or real. Prospective students who check-in at the University of New Haven can earn a fee-waiver for the application fee.
  5. On your own 
    Many colleges offer a self guided walking tour available either as a web-based application or as a mobile app. Search for this on the school’s web site.
  6. There may be an app for that
    The number of colleges offering mobile apps is on the rise. Apps for prospective students include engaging, interactive apps such as scavenger hunts to navigational, mobile campus guides making it easy and fun to explore campus.
  7. WAYN
    “Where are you now” – text messaging comes in handy when parents and teens need to meet up when attending different tours or information sessions. CUL8TR.

A version of this post was originally published on my CollegeXpress Campus Visits column.

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