Smart Q & A: Is a resume AND a college admission application necessary?

Ask Smart College VisitQUESTION:

Do I need to include a resume with my college admission application?

ANSWER: Yes. No. Maybe.
From: Z. Kelly Queijo

Great question to ask on a college visit!

Yes. If the college admissions office requires a resume be submitted with the application, then absolutely do so.

No. If the admissions office does not require a resume, then do not send a resume or any additional materials for that matter.
Note: some majors may require portfolios or other supplements to the application. Requirements may vary from school to school. Always check the web site, application requirements, and read the emails from the admissions office to stay informed.

Maybe. Depending on where you apply, it may be necessary to send a resume listing your work history, awards, achievements, accomplishments, or community service in order to be considered for an internal/college-specific scholarship. Again, opportunities and requirements will vary by school and by what’s required on the application. A resume that simply repeats what you’ve already stated in the application does not add value to your portfolio.

Jeannie Borin (College-Connections), Karen Torgersen (SCV), and Zack Rosen (UNH), contributed to this answer.