Takeaway Tweets & Transcript from #CampusChat with Chelsea Cipolla


Chelsea_Cipolla Emerson College alumna, Chelsea Cipolla, co-founded My College Audition to help theatre and dance students put their best foot forward when it comes time to audition for admission into performing arts programs.

Chelsea co-hosted #CampusChat on August 17, 2011, and the "Takeaway Tweets" I pulled from the transcript include the following:


@ChelseaCipolla: Audition Fact: At Emerson last year, there were 750 auditions for BFA Musical Theatre and 23 Freshman started in the Fall. #campuschat

@ChelseaCipolla: A3. Typically, be prepared with 2 contemporary comedic monologues and 2 contemporary dramatic + 1 classical monologues #campuschat

@ChelseaCipolla: Pick a favorite playwright -read all of their work! You are bound to find an obscure play by a playwright you connect with #campuschat

@ChelseaCipolla: A6: Biggest no-no: NEVER APOLOGIZE. There is no saying sorry in Acting. Own your audition even if you feel it wasn't your best. #campuschat

For more great college audtion tips from our #CampusChat interview with Chelsea, read the complete transcript below. To keep up with news about My College Audition, follow Chelsea on Twitter at @ChelseaCipolla and @MyCllgeAudition