The DIY Campus Tour with DRStrangeCollege

Are college visits part of your family's road trips?

1drivingfinal They are for Jane B. Kulow, mom of three and blogger at DrStrangeCollege where she is journaling about her family's journey down the road to college.

Tonight, she'll share what she's learned along the way on our weekly Twitter chat: #CampusChat.

Years ago, Jane and her husband made it a priority to include college visits on every road trip they take. Stopping off to walk around a college campus has become as routine as filling up the car for gas.

She has become a master at the do-it-yourself campus tour and feels that the impact has been a positive one for her children. "We wanted them to know that college was part of their future…visiting colleges throughout their lives gives them connections to colleges they now recognize when they hear about them in the news." 

Join us tonight to find out how many colleges Jane and her family have visitied and for more insights about the college visit. Follow her on Twitter at @CvlKulow.

#CampusChat is at 9PM Eastern, 8 Central, 7 Mountain, and 6 Pacific. Remember to use the hashtag "#CampusChat" in order to be part of the conversation on Twitter. 

How many colleges have you visited? Take our CollegeVisit Survey here!

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