What to Charge/Pay: A Lesson in Tutoring

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The following guest post is by Eric Clark, founder of Quincy Tutoring and Assistant Director of Academic Services at Eastern Nazarene College

Tutors often ask me how much they should charge, and I find this questions quite precarious. Here are a few things that tutors need to think about before they set their price point:

  • Socio-economic climate - Not everyone lives/tutors in an affluent town, and it is important for tutors to be aware of the socio-economic background of the people that live in the town where they are tutoring. You will find that people will not want your services if you are overpriced for the area. This may also cause people to form a bad opinion about your services. The last thing you need is to have a bad reputation in the community. To establish credibility, you may want to under price your services for the first year. I have found that people are willing to pay the extra $5-$10 after they have developed a relationship with you. 
  • Credentials - Teaching and previous tutoring experience is also another contributing factor when you are determining your price point. Obviously you can charge more if you have more experience. Just remember to set your fees accordingly.
  • Content Difficulty - If you tutor a difficult subject, or a speciality subject, you can probably get away with charging a little more. I would recommend that you don't charge more than $10 above the suggest tutor rate listed below.
  • Tutoring philosophy - If the main purpose for tutoring is to help the community, the price point can be set below the industry standard. It is totally up to you! I have always charged less than the industry standard in order to provide a worthy service to my community.

At Quincy, the fee structure below is what I would recommend tutors charge. The prices can be shifted up or down depending on the area in which you are tutoring.

  • High School Student: $10 per hour 
  • College Student: $15-$20 depending on certification
  • Recent College Grad: $20-$25
  • Master's Degree (or 3+ years of experience): $30-$60
  • PhD: $60+

Please keep in mind there is no set standard for tutoring.  Just be aware of what the other tutors in the area are charging, and use the list above as a guideline.

Our primary goal is to provide the residents of Quincy, and surrounding towns, with a comprehensive tutor network.  If you are interested in joining our tutor network, please visit us at http://quincytutoring.com/. Want a Quincy Tutoring for your community? We'd like to expand our network to your town.  Contact us to find out more information.  You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter @QuincyTutoring. The company also provides classes on SAT Test Prep; visit their web site for more information. 


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