CampusChat Takeaways: SAT Exercise Vocab

The topic of #CampusChat on April 13, 2011, was:  Staying fit in college and in life.

The final question posted in the discussion was this: 

Q10 What is one word that describes how you feel after a good hard workout? #campuschat

The responses were these:

Euphoric     Restive
Enervated     Reinvigorated
Exhilarating     Defatigable

That's when we realized that when you invite word nerds (Akil Bello @Bellcurves and Jenn Cohen @SheldonWordNerd) to your Twitter party, you stand a good chance of improving your vocabulary regardless of the topic of discussion. Thanks to them and everyone who shared their workout words with us and for keeping us focused on SAT Prep and Vocab year-round!


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