10 Things You Won’t Want to Forget to Take to College

Flip Flops for the showerA lot of people are going to college online today, but many people still go out on their own and actually attend a brick-and-mortar school. If you’re going away to college, the chances are high that you’ll forget at least a couple of things. Mom and dad can mail them to you or bring them when they visit, but the more you remember to take with you the first time, the better off you (and your dorm room) will be.

The top 10 things you won’t want to forget to take to college:

  1. Ear Plugs Even if your roommate swears that he or she ‘doesn’t snore,’ don’t take that person’s word for it. There may also be music, parties, and other distractions, depending on the dorm you’re in. It never hurts to bring some ear plugs along, and you can use them to get some quiet while you’restudying too – not just when you’re sleeping.
  2. Flip-Flops When you go to college, you’ll most likely be sharing a bathroom with a lot of people. You don’t want to get anything that they have, and some of the bathrooms can get pretty grimy.
  3. Plugs, Power Strips, and Adapters You can never have too many of these for your computer, clock radio, iPod, and everything else.
  4. Duct Tape No dorm room, home, or business should ever be without duct tape. Ever. It can fix most anything.
  5. Stapler You may not think you’ll need it, but you’ll need it. You’ll use it for all kinds of notes, reports,and other things. It will drive you crazy if you don’t have one.
  6. Containers or Crates for Storage There’s never enough storage in a dorm room, so it’s important that you bring some of your own. Just make sure there’s a place for them, they’re sturdy, and that they can be stacked neatly or fit easily under the bed.
  7. USB Flash Drive You should never leave home without one, and it can be such a valuable piece of electronic equipment. Keep it in your pocket or purse so it’s always ready.
  8. Extra Sheets Don’t let the hangover and the upset stomach from the party ruin your bed. Changing bedsheets is important.
  9. Vitamins You know you won’t eat well in college. No one does.
  10. Air Fresheners College kids aren’t the best about keeping themselves, their rooms, or their clothing clean. That’s especially true for guys, but some girls are bad about it, too. You don’t want to get a reputation for having a stinky room, even if it’s your roommate that’s causing all of the scent problems. Air fresheners will be your best friend in college.

Consider this your starter list. If you forget something, you can’t say you weren’t warned! There are many important things to take along with you, so be sure that you make your own list. You may have a special need or want something else that’s not covered here. Good luck and enjoy your new home when the time comes!

Jayson Jones is a junior at Collins College with a focus in Fashion Design. He’s an amateur blogger, and you can find his work at www.catwalkcatfight.com, or follow him on Twitter @jaysonjonez.

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