CampusChat Tonight with College Senior: Adam Britten

Adam Joseph Britten Students in high school are encouraged to become involved in extracurricular activities, but what about when they get to college? How important is it to take part in clubs or organizations then? For Syracuse senior, Adam Britten, it was not only a carry-over from his high school days, but a priority for getting the most from his college education. 

Adam's short list of extracurriculars includes:

  • Assistant Director of Pubic Relations, First Year Players
  • Member of the Syracuse University Social Media Team
  • Brother, Delta Sigma Pi
  • Admissions Ambassador and Campus Tour Guide, Office of Admissions
  • Director of Finance, Residence Hall Association
  • Peer Facilitator, Whitman School of Management
  • Secretary, Community Council

Tonight on CampusChat, Adam will share his insights about the how and why students should explore the plethora of opportunities to learn and grow beyond the classroom.

From volunteering as a teacher in South Africa to keeping up with his major — make that majors – Adam is triple-majoring in Marketing Management, Finance, and Entrepreneurship & Emerging Enterprises with a minor in Political Science, this Syracuse University student has certainly figured out how to get the most he possibly can from his college education. 

You're invited to follow Adam on Twitter @AdamBritten and join us on Wednesday for#CampusChat. For more information about how to participate in a Twitter chat, see our post on Twitter tools.

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