College Tour Tip: Visit the Campus Bookstore

University Bookstore, Virginia Tech College-branded hoodies and T's, ballcaps, bobbleheads, figurines, coffee, snacks, computers, cell phones, and, of course, textbooks are just a few of the things you're likely to find in the campus bookstore.

Be sure to allow for enough time during your campus visit to wander through the bookstore.

 College and university bookstores offer a grand selection of memorabilia to make your campus tour something you'll remember well when it comes time to apply to college!

Other College Tour Tips:

  1. Let the Kids do the Talking
  2. Remember the 2-2-2 Rule
  3. Ask Why?

Have you been on college tour or campus visit recently? What advice do you have to share with teens and parents of the college-bound? Please, use the Comments button to share your thoughts.

Pictured: University Bookstore banner at Virginia Tech.