Top Tweeters: Where’d They Go To School

rockonSeptember 20, 2010

If you tweet, then you’re likely to be familiar with the 2009 Twitter Wars between Ashton & Oprah. As with any competition, there’s the race to the top, followed by the race to stay on top.

When we began working on this list of Top Tweeters, Britney was in the lead and, by the time we were ready to publish, Lady Gaga had risen to #1 position. So, rather than rank these tweeters by their shifting number of followers, we’ve provided a list of recent top 20 tweeters. If you want to know who’s #1 right this second, just check with Twitaholic.

One thing we know for sure is this: if you’re planning a campus visit to any of the schools listed below, the list of questions you ask on your college tour may change now that you know where some of these celebs attended college.

Find out where these “top tweeters” went to school:


Chelsea Merget, a junior at Boston University is pursuing a degree in Communications with a minor in Psychology is a public relations intern with Smart College Visit, Inc. Click here to read more of her great work!

Sources for the college data above came from a variety of Internet sites. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. The list we provide represents where people attended college, not necessarily where they graduated or if they graduated. We like these lists because we feel college is a great beginning for many people.

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