Takeaway Tweets & Transcript from #CampusChat with Rob Maddox

What traits rise to the top when video is the admission applicant's essay medium?

According to Robert Maddox, electronic recruitment coordinator for St. Mary's College of Maryland, video essays are "more about being able to see who the student is, and not what they do." Maddox was the expert guest and co-host of #CampusChat on Wednesday, July 28, 2010. The chat attracted 20 active participants engaged in over 200 tweets in a hour. This was the first #CampusChat to be co-hosted by a college admissions representative.

Video essays are not a new thing at St. Mary's College of Maryland. The admissions office is its third year of allowing applicants the choice of submitting a written essay or uploading a video essay with their application.

 In the Takeaway Tweets, video gets the vote of one high school student #CampusChat participant:

BMEdegreeGIRL: As a senior in HS this year, I think this is a great way to really try to connect with potential school admissions #campuschat

For St. Mary's, video essays are a good fit:

SMCMadmRob: side-note: we take a lot of time reviewing each candidate and we have a very subjective review process.- videos work well for us #campuschat

A suggestion for using video essays after being admitted:

joshuadfishman: @SMCMadmRob you should compile the tapes for all of the 450 icnoming students & create a movie of their class during orientation #campuschat

For more takeways, read the Transcript for #campuschat available from What the Hashtag?! 

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