Koofers on #CampusChat May 19, 2010

Michael Rihani, CSO & Co-Founder, Koofers

Our featured guest on the next #CampusChat will be Michael Rihani, CSO & Co-Founder of

WHEN: Wednesday, May 19, 2010 at 9 PM Eastern.

WHERE: On Twitter. Use TweetChat or WhatTheHashtag to follow #CampusChat

OUR TOPIC: Tools for academic success — from past tests to professor ratings to study aids, Koofers has leveled the academic playing field when it comes to making testing and study resources available to college students.

With nearly 300,000 registered users, 350,000-plus Facebook fans, and relationships with over 2,000 universities, Koofers gets an "A+" for creating a network of college students focused on achieving academic success. Koofers calls it a "social learning community" and a thriving community it is.

Their philosophy is stated on their web site: "We believe that, by empowering students to help each other learn, we can fundamentally transform higher education. We provide students with the best information, tools and services available online. And we enable students to connect, collaborate and share academic knowledge with each other, including friends and colleagues at their own university and peers in equivalent courses at other colleges nationwide."

Learn more about how they impact student success and find out if they have a presence at the college or university you plan to visit or attend by joining or following #CampusChat on Twitter, May 12, 9 PM Eastern.

Got questions for Michael? Add them to the comments section below or follow and DM @collegevisit and he'll answer them during #CampusChat.

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