Highlights and Transcript from #CampusChat

#campuschat on Smart College Visit I started writing this post two hours ago with the intent of sharing the highlights from last night's first #campuschat, but it turns out that what's newsworthy about the chat is still unfolding. From emails-to-blog posts-to-Twitter-to-Facebook, the coast-to-coast conversation continues. Here is some of what was and is being shared:

  • Tweet Chats Aren't Just For Kids – blog post by Eileen Paulin, chat guest
  • Highest number of colleges visited by one family: 20
  • Highest number of applications submitted by one teen: 14
  • In addition to the college visit, chatter among friends had the greatest influence about where to go.
  • One teen chose to apply early decision because she thought it would improve her odds (Is that a good strategy? – would like to hear from college admissions advisors/directors – post comment or DM @collegevisit)
  • Twitter feed to a participant's Facebook page resulted in a totally different dialogue and set of comments.

Special thanks to the following folks for their great tweets and active participation:  @SuzanneShaffer @butwait  @EileenPaulin  @melissarichards @Tom_Field  @rgeller  @handshake20  @PennACA  @SkiManilow 

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