It’s all Academic – CampusChat with Koofers – Who should attend?

#CampusChat The 5 W's of tonight's #CampusChat

Who – Tonight's guest is Michael Rihani, CSO & Co-founder of Koofers; Kelly Queijo, founder of SmartCollegeVisit is the host of #CampusChat. 

What – #CampusChat on Twitter

Where – Twitter, What the Hashtag, TweetChat

When – 9 PM ET May 19, 2010

Why – Michael is a 2008 Virginia Tech graduate, who along with two other Tech
grads, founded one of the fastest growing social learning communities
for college students. Koofers has over 350,000 Facebook fans, nearly 300,000 registered users and a presence on 2000 campuses.

Who should join tonight's Twitter chat? Anyone interested in academic success — college-bound teens, their parents, college students (those who know Koofers as well as those who have never heard of it), businesses that serve higher-ed, college and university representatives including student organization leaders, faculty, and administrators.

Some of the burning questions we know Michael will need to answer include:

What is a "koofer?"  What does it cost? Is a koofer a good thing? And more — bring your questions to #CampusChat tonight and join the conversation!

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