Cell Phones and Campus Tours: Silence or Send?

Mobile_Phone When visiting a college, campus guides may ask students and families to turn off or silence their cell phones to avoid disruptions during the tour. It's an understandable request — you are all outside where the surrounding, ambient noise can make it difficult to hear what the tour guide has to say. And, if you're the one who ended up at the back of a large group, listening definitely becomes a challenge.

Given that these distractions and challenges are already inherent to any campus tour, is the cell phone really a major distraction, or could it be the best darn marketing tool available to a college admissions program?

What do you think? As a visitor, would you rather use your phone to share comments about the tour with your friends or post a photo of campus via Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, text messaging or through other social networks as the tour progresses? Or, do you prefer everyone keep their hands free and avoid using their phones while on a campus tour?

As a college admissions representative, is it a major distraction? An annoyance?

Would you Silence or Send?

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