Candidate Reply Date: May 1 Countdown Begins

May 1, the National Candidate Reply Date, is just six days away. By May 1, students who have been offered  admission by a college or university will need to have notified the school whose offer they are accepting by returning the acceptance form and sending in the necessary tuition deposit.

Students who have been wait-listed by their first-choice schools should decide which offer to accept from their pool of second-choice schools extending an offer of admission. Replies and deposits are due by May 1 to colleges nationwide.

Candidates Reply Date: May 1 Countdown Begins It’s likely if you are a student who has been wait-listed, you won’t hear about whether or not your status changes from wait-listed to offered until sometime well after the first of May and, for many, the wait can extend into July before notifications will be sent.

If you are still on the fence about which offer of admission to accept, it’s a good idea to revisit the school or schools you are evaluating. If there’s not enough time to do so before the end of this week, then review notes you made from any prior visits. Did you use a college visit evaluation form or take any photos? Can you recall what it was that made you want to apply to a particular school? Which school is the best fit financially?

The college countdown has begun, but the journey is your own and it’s likely that you have many good choices. As corny as this sounds, college, like most things in life, is about what you make of it–you just have to make the May 1 deadline to get going on that journey.

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