End of Semester Shift: What about All My Stuff?

Forward thinking parents and students will visit colleges with a list of questions that stretch beyond the admissions application phase and reach all the way to the end of the last semester of the first year. The question they should ask is "What do we do with all their/my stuff when the dorms close for summer?"

Campus Carriers college moving and hauling Packing and storing a student's belongings over summer becomes especially important when home is several states and many, many miles away from the college. Traditionally, it's been a problem the student has to solve on their own.

Inspired by their experiences as Virginia Tech students, Dan Burdi and Ryan Carter founded Campus Carriers in 2009 as a college moving and delivery service designed specifically to meet the needs of students on the move.

According to Dan, “Students registered with Campus Carriers will have
their items picked-up, stored for the summer, and delivered to their
new address – on or off campus – before the start of fall semester."

For a reasonable fee, Campus Carrier reps will drop off boxes, packing materials, and tape to the student's dorm room and return to pick them up at a designated time. Then, they haul away the boxes and store them for the student over the summer. When the student returns to campus or moves into an apartment, Campus Carriers delivers their boxes to their current address. 

Currently, Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech work with Campus Carriers to make this service available to their students. Maybe the question worth asking during the college visit is "Do you have Campus Carriers?"

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