Colleging in Chicago (Part I) | Teen Travel Talk

TeenTravelTalk is a travel blog written entirely by teens. Here, teens share their take on travel adventures that include day-trips, trips with family and friends, as well as group outings. Teens talk about their likes and dislikes covering topics that range from what they ate to amusement park rides to visiting colleges. Below is an excerpt from the first part of a series written by Justine on what she calls "colleging" about her first college visit.


Colleging in Chicago (Part I)

 Pardon my petite addition to the English language there, but “to
college” seems a simple and appropriate verb for replacing “to visit
multiple colleges of interest with one’s parent(s) on a sort of
semi-vacation.” As you can probably guess, I spent my President’s Day
weekend looking at some universities in the Chicago area (U. Chicago
and Northwestern, specifically) and had a blast sight-seeing during my
first-ever visit to the Windy City. If you ever take a similar trip,
below are some suggestions that might make your stay as pleasant and
entertaining as mine was.

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