College Movie Madness: What’s on your list?

College Movie Madness March is a month of madness, whether it’s basketball, the Oscars, or planning college visits, there’s a frenzy that blows through this transitional month that stirs up excitement on all fronts. In honor of those of you who fall into the movie madness court and for those engrossed in making college admissions-related decisions, we offer up our favorite list of College Admissions Movies! Schedule your visits. Plan your college travel, then grab some popcorn, take a break and enjoy the lighter side of going to college:

While we focused our list on visitation and college admissions, there other lists of great (and not so great) college related movies to enjoy. Movie Crunch’s 12 Greatest College Movies of All Time EDU in Review: Best Unrealistic College Movies About College College Squeeze: 16 Best College Themed Movies   Please comment and tell us: What’s on your list?