Student then Parent: College Visits – A Seller’s Market

The following is an excerpt from the First College Visit series on Handshake 2.0 sponsored by SmartCollegeVisit. Dr. Manisha Singal grew up and studied in India before coming to the United States. She offers her perspective on college visits then as a student and now as a parent. Click the link below to read the post in its entirety.

 A Seller's Market

From Manisha Singal for First College Visit, a series of first college visit stories by business professionals sponsored by SmartCollegeVisit.

Manisha Singal Would you believe it, but I never did have a college visit for myself! 

In India, during my time, colleges chose you, and only if you had really high marks (GPA) and if you went there early enough to stand in line and get the right form filled up!

The reputation of the college was a good enough proxy for a "visit"…there was no recruiting and no incentives to attend….it was purely a seller's market. Nevertheless, I got admitted to St. Xavier's College in Bombay (Mumbai now) which was a feat and a source of considerable pride for my parents.

Click here to read the complete post on Handshake 2.0.

This story is the second post offering insight on the college visit experience written by people coming from countries outside of the U.S. All posts related to travel to the U.S. and college admissions for international students can be accessed by clicking on the word "International" in the category cloud in the sidebar.

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