BecomeAlum Founder on Planning Your College Career

If you're a junior or senior in high school, you're probably more concerned with getting into college rather than getting out of college. The questions you ask during your college visit are most likely focused on admissions application requirements and deadlines rather than graduation rates and what it takes to complete a degree in a four years. However, once you do get in, understanding what's involved in meeting the academic degree requirements to graduate become a priority. It may be worthwhile to ask a few questions about course offerings, availability, and academic planning when you visit. In other words, "What does it take to graduate in four years and how many students do so?" is a great question to ask.

Here's Christina McIntyre talking about how an online academic planning tool like BecomeAlum helps students know exactly what's required by their major and when the necessary courses are offered giving the student control over his or her future.

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