Student-to-Student: Questions to Ask On A College Visit

Updated May 28, 2019

What are the questions to ask on a college visit?

student to student questions to ask on a college visit

Wondering what questions to ask on a college visit? Then let’s get started.

Number one most important tip: Talk with other students on campus. Ask current students the following questions and you’ll come away with the inside scoop about life as a college student as  you visit each campus.

Pro-tip: Book your hotel as early as you can, especially if you’ll be showing up during peak visit times.

Here at SmartCollegeVisit, we’ve written several articles ranging from why a college visit is important to providing recommendations on how to get the most out of each campus visit. A common thread among our college admissions experts is that it’s important to talk with current college students while visiting campus.

First: It’s OK to talk with Strangers

Some schools make it easy to engage with current students by including a student panel during the information session and hosting a Q & A. But you don’t have to limit yourself to the group of students hand-picked to be on a panel. (Read a student’s perspective:  It’s OK to talk with strangers.)

A quick scan of activity on campus will give you a good idea about who to approach and when, and what questions to ask on a college visit.

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When choosing a student to speak with, it’s probably not a good idea to approach someone who appears to be heading to class; you’re not going to get their best response. Instead, look for students who are heading toward their dorm, the student center, or the dining facility. Students sitting outside talking with friends are also likely candidates.

Now: What to Ask

If you’re wondering what to say or ask current students, college counselors Jean Rutherford Wall and Tara Nelan, both from the Tampa Preparatory School, developed an excellent guide for their students, but even high school students who are not enrolled at Tampa Prep can benefit from the information.

  1. Why did you choose____________?
  2. What would you change about the college? And what would you fight to keep unchanged?
  3. How is your school distinctive?
  4. Are there major campus issues?
  5. Have you been challenged in your coursework?
  6. How large were your classes freshman year? How large are they now?
  7. What do students do on the weekend?
  8. How effective is the faculty advising system?
  9. Is there a good relationship between the students and the surrounding community?
  10. How important is the Greek system?
  11. Does the student body have a voice in the university?
  12. Have you ever met the college president?
  13. If you had to select a college from the start, would you make the same choice?
  14. How many years will it take to earn your degree?

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