Keeping Track of College Visits

When visiting more than a couple of colleges, it can be a challenge to remember every important detail once you return home. Keeping track of your college visits (especially when they all seem to run together) can be tough.

To help you keep track of each visit, we’ve made a simple PDF evaluation form to download. Feel free to save the file on your computer and print as many copies as you need. Remember to take them with you so you can capture your impressions while the experience is still fresh. Yes, we’re actually asking you to write stuff down. If you haven’t heard, writing notes down actually helps your brain process and store the thoughts better! So give your thumbs a rest and write and scribble on these downloads!

If, after using the form, you have any suggestions or changes, please add a comment to this post or tweet or Facebook us!

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Some other quick hints for keeping track of college visits? Take lots of pictures, and make albums on your phone to save them, or do multi-pic posts on your IG (and if your profile is public, be sure and tag/hashtag the college!)

Free Download! SmartCollege Eval Form

Updated July 2, 2019

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