December on College Campuses

If you're planning to visit a college or university in December, search the school's web site for the following information before finalizing travel plans.

Fotolia_252555_XS December Open House  – Some schools will continue to host Open House visitation programs during the first two weeks of the month.

December Campus Tours – End of semester dates vary from school to school. Once classes and exams have ended, students head home and campus tour dates may change. Check with the admissions office or visitation coordinator to find out about available options.

Reading/Study Days – A day or two before exams begin, many schools schedule quiet days (also called 
reading or study days). Classes have ended
and students are engaged in preparation for exams. Campus can be pretty
quiet during this time and some visitation options may not be
available. Check with the admissions or visit coordinator for more
information about visiting during this time.

No Students, No Classes – When the semester ends so do opportunities to experience the vibrant daily life of college students. If your visit takes place during semester breaks, you won't be able to attend a class or talk with students. If doing this is important to you, then it's best to wait until classes resume to visit campus.