7 Months + 4 Colleges + 2 Visits Each = Time for a Prius

shadow saxIn the spring of 2008, we did a really smart thing.  We traded our Tahoe for a Prius.

Our son, Tyler, is a fine young saxophone player.  He decided to major in music and pursue a career as a performer and teacher. That meant he not only had to investigate and apply to universities that would present him with the best opportunities for the specific education he needed, he also had to audition for admission to the saxophone studios in each of their respective music departments.

As things turned out, that meant two trips each to Bowling Green, Ohio; Ithaca, New York; Boston, Massachusetts; and Columbia, South Carolina.  Flying was not a viable economic option.

Needless to say, we put many, many miles on the Prius between October, 2007 and April, 2008. Minimizing the mileage and the overnight trips for the whole family was a serious logistical challenge.

Then, of course, there was also the need to gather the data and compare the four choices in some organized manner. We had an economical car, but a better logistical and administrative toolset would have been a great help.

BTW – he is now a sophomore at the University of South Carolina and his sax quartet just won a major regional contest.

Guest post by: Jim Flowers, Blacksburg, VA