The Visitor Parking Pass

Most schools request that you obtain a visitor parking pass when arriving on campus.

Parking spaces are valuable real estate on a college campus, and at many colleges you’ll need a visitor parking pass to claim yours. Parking passes are typically available at the Welcome or Visitor Center, Parking Services, or the Admissions Office.

When getting a visitor parking pass, snap a pic of your license plate.  


It’s best to be prepared before stepping up to the counter to register your car. You may be asked the make, model and color of the car as well as the license plate number. Taking and saving a cell phone picture of your tag will keep you from running back outside for the number. Or you can enter the number into your phone’s note or memo field. It’s so much neater than writing on your hand.

The Visitor Center attendant should be able to provide a wealth of information including campus maps, best bets for parking availability, and directions to the admissions office. The visitor parking pass is usually free, though this may vary from college to college. If the school you’re visiting has a parking garage, the fee may be waived for admissions visitors. To find out about each specific school’s parking policy, check the admissions office web site or search on the term “visitor parking” to jump right to that section.

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