7 Reasons to Visit Those Colleges Before You Apply

Application deadlines are only a few months away. If you’ve narrowed down your selection, then it’s time to visit before you apply. Consider a college visit like trying on clothes before you buy!

Why visit your top choices before applying?

  1. Because applying to college is a complex process, and visits to college campuses will serve you best if you use them as a research tool, rather than a final decision-making aid.
  2. Because how you feel about schools once you visit in person may affect the direction your  college search and application process takes.  (For example, if you visit before you apply, you may be surprised to find that the setting, size, or “personality” of a school appeals or doesn’t appeal to you, contrary to what you had expected…so, your narrowed list of possible schools should reflect any new-found preferences.)
  3. Because time, energy, and money are finite resources, and you want to use them wisely throughout the application process.  First-hand knowledge of the schools you intend to apply to will help you to clarify your vision and narrow your list.
  4. Because you want someone in the admissions office (or another particular contact on campus) to know who you are.  And that you are seriously interested.  Depending on the school’s admissions process, an applicant’s  personal visit to campus could make a big difference. The application can be  viewed in a different light if the competition for space becomes very tight.
  5. Because it’s required.  Some highly selective schools require an on-campus interview with an admissions director, alumni representative, or student representative.  Be sure to find out if any of your short-listed schools do. That way you can plan and prepare well in advance.
  6. Because you want to be able to relax and make a fully informed choice. If you’ve already visited those schools at least once, that’s just what you will be able to do!
  7. Because you can! AND you can have some great experiences in the process, and you will learn a lot, too. So what are you waiting for?!

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Updated September 4, 2019

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