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From list management to content development, there’s a lot that goes into shaping a successful email marketing campaign.

With more than 20 years of experience in direct mail/email marketing and an award-winning writing team, we’re confident we can deliver messages that garner results for your marketing initiatives.

Email marketing is the smart solution for reaching today’s tech-savvy audience on-the-go.


>> Subscribe/Unsubscribe Rates – we track the opt-in and opt-out rates as well as the number of forwards each email drives.

>> Open and Clickthrough Rates – we not only track how many opened the email and clicked through, but more importantly, re-opens and total clicks on every link. Think of it as the “who,” the “what,” and “how often” action was taken.

>> Deliverability – we track metrics like such as the overall deliverability, number of suppressed or bounced contacts, as well as spam and abuse complaints.

>> Response Rates – this metric is tied to the calls-to-action in your message and can include sales, downloads, event registrations, traffic and much more.


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When you consider the explosion of mobile and social marketing during the last decade, you should be asking yourself the following two questions before you ever click “Send:”

  1. Is this readable on a mobile device?
  2. Can it be shared via social media?

Mobile and social should be the core fundamentals of any email marketing campaign sent today. Analysis of open rates from one university client showed 75% of emails sent in their Search Email Marketing Campaign were opened on mobile devices, with 89% of mobile-opens on iPhones.

When you send an email, do you know who is reading what, how, and when?



Need a landing page for your marketing campaign? No problem; we’ve got you covered complete with in-depth tracking on clickthroughs and social shares.

Need an entire, new website designed? We have outstanding design partners and welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific needs and goals. Contact us to discuss your timeline and scope of work. We’re happy to provide a quote.


>> Visits – report the number of unique visitors as well as new vs. return visits.

>> Traffic Sources – we track the traffic sources, inbound links, referring URLs, and which companies are visiting your site.

>> Site and Page Performance – we count the number of conversions, and how many visitors become leads, and how many leads become customers.

>> Website Engagements – we report the average amount of time spent on your site, as well as the bounce rate.

Are You Ready?
We are! 

From discovery and planning to campaign launch, SCV will begin working with your staff on DAY ONE of a signed agreement. Pricing is based on the scope of the individual campaign.

Services include:

  • Search Mailings/Recruitment Marketing
  • Event/Campus Visit Promotions
  • Nurture/Drip Campaigns
  • Industry-specific Newsletter Content Development and Mailings
  • Medium-to-High-Volume List Management and Campaign Development
  • A/B Testing
  • Surveys

Contact us today for a quote!

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