CampusChat Savvy Marketing Package

Get Savvy on SmartCollegeVisit!

Here’s what we do you:

  1. Publish 4 blog posts (quarterly) either written by us or, if you prefer, by someone on your team.
  2. Push your content out weekly to our audience through our social media channels (see below for metrics).
  3. Link your posts to other posts we publish, at least once per month.
  4. Feature you as a #CampusChat guest twice in one year – you get to choose the date that suits your content calendar the best.
  5. Give your ad placement on our homepage (ad block 250×250).
  6. Create a lead generation form for your custom landing page.
  7. Deliver quarterly reports on ad package performance.
  8. Welcome you as an advertising partner in our newsletter.
The Savvy Marketing Package is $2500/year. In the past, we have offered the featured status only to colleges and universities and now we are making it available to businesses relevant to our audience.

Smart College Visit Metrics:
  • social
    Over 90,000 unique visitors last year with more than 170,000 page views.
  • Twitter: @CollegeVisit 9,120 followers
  • Facebook/SmartCollegeVisit: 1179 average weekly post reach; 1300 likes
  • Pinterest/smartcollege: 4,500+ followers
  • #CampusChat 2-3 million impressions during the CampusChat hour with an even larger reach for the full 10 day cycle that covers pre- and post-chat engagement.