GPA and PSAT - and SAT or ACT - scores are important, but not everything

GPA: Does It Actually Matter?

GPA. Grade Point Average. The one number can dominate your life from the start of high school and to the job application process in college. It can feel like this number can make or break you when it comes to scholarships, internship applications, and everything in between. For some students, it is a defining part of their college career.

But, does it actually matter?

The short answer is yes…The longer answer? It depends.

If going to graduate school is in your future, your grade point average matters a great deal. Your transcript will play a key role in your application, especially if you are applying to law school or medical school. If you are applying to a high profile job, or a scholarship, or a prestigious internship,  it may also be important.

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However, there are plenty of jobs where your GPA does not play a role. In fact, it usually doesn’t matter past your first job.

If you’re a freshman and you made some mistakes your first semester, do what you can to bring your GPA up. If you’re later in your college career and your GPA is less than ideal, do your best but don’t stress.

Above all, keep in mind that your GPA is not the only thing that matters.

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