Packing for College? What NOT to Bring

Packing for college? Leave these things at home.

Everyone is always worried about what they need to be packing for college to suit their every possible need, especially if attending a college that is no easy commute from home. However, sometimes people tend to over-pack. The following is a list of things that you are better off leaving at home. Keep in mind schools have varying rules for what is allowed in dorms, so check with them first if you aren’t sure.

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• Your huge stereo and speakers: Space is limited. That’s the bottom line. And your roommate(s) and neighbors probably won’t appreciate blaring music when they are studying.

• Every DVD/leisure reading book you own: You won’t have much time for movies or reading for pleasure. They would just take up space in your room. Besides, fewer distractions lead to more quality studying.

• Coffee makers and other kitchen appliances: it will be tight living quarters, so avoid clunky, unnecessary stuff. Plus, most schools don’t allow these in dorms because they are fire hazards. Candles fall in this category as well.

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• High School Letterman jacket (or any high school memorabilia for that matter): You just look silly wearing high school attire at college. Unless you are using a sweatshirt or t-shirt strictly for utility purposes (great work-out clothes), avoid them. High school is an old chapter. Treat yourself to a sweatshirt with your college logo on it.

• Ironing board and iron: A wrinkle remover spray does exist and is an amazing space saver. Hang up your nice clothes and you really shouldn’t need ironing board.

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Instead, bring these items that are often overlooked in the packing process:

Shower Shoes: the ugly truth is that those showers in the dorms can be nasty. Come prepared.

Bed risers: you can maximize the space in your room by storing under the bed. Look into plastic storage bins as well.

Leftover containers: If you don’t bring it with you from home, buy it when you get there. At the very least zipper storage bags. Left-overs are a college student’s best friend. Contain the smell and reduce the risk of bugs by containing them.

• An open mind: everyone has a different style of living. Be willing to compromise and speak openly about the living situation. You are a mature college student now, after all.
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